Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC 19.1

Use your imagination to create 2D and 3D animations

Part of the Adobe family, Adobe Animate is a software utility packed with numerous and various tools that allow users to express their creativity and create surprising 2D and 3D animations. It can be used to create Flash content for either digital or mobile content, and it's mainly used to develop movies, games and other content for mobile devices.

The program's installment is done easily by using Adobe Creative Cloud. Once the installation is completed and you run the application, you are greeted by a modern GUI, that has good use of space regarding menus, toolbars and side panels. It also has a few themes to choose from, in case you get bored by the default one.

In general, with Adobe Animate users are able to create web-based content for games and ads, by designing interfaces, start screens, or interactive player sprites.

The created content can be exported to multiple platforms, like Flash/Adobe AIR, WebGL, SVG, HTML5 Canvas, so you can reach your audience on mobile, desktop, and TV.

Some of the most important functionalities are the Layer control - used for organizing layers in a parent-child hierarchy-, the Asset sculpting - used to create poses for raster content-, or Auto lip-sync which automatically matches mouth poses to sound inflections.

The only encountered issues were with sound importing, export of gifs, not enough documentation for ActionScript3 and the high use of system resources.

All things considered, Adobe Animate offers a rich palette of design and programming features that make designers and engineers job easier to complete.

John Saunders
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  • Suuports Flash/Adobe AIR, WebGL, SVG, and HTML5 Canvas
  • Has various skin themes
  • Comes packed with a layer control feature


  • ActionScript3 lacks documentation
  • Has a laggy GIF export process
  • Has a difficult import of sounds
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